International Institute Of Science Mantin

International Of Science Mantin

International Institute Of Science Mantin

The International Institute of Science Mantin (IASM) is our education group's specialist medical sciences arm. Formerly known as the Institute of Medical Sciences Mantin (IMM), it had originally been an information technology and business school.
With its focus on medical sciences, IASM prides itself on offering students unparalleled real world work experience in this demanding field, with students exposed to evidence-based practices and mock scenarios from an early stage in their education, while also gaining access to valuable work experience as preparation for their careers.
IASM endeavours to contribute to the nation’s growth and development by being a forerunner in providing students a nursing education that prepares them to succeed both within and outside the country.
In forging world-ready graduates who can succeed in any setting, IASM strives to:
  • Adopt a multidimensional, participatory approach to learning that develops students’ intuitive and practical skills, thus deepening understanding of the subject matter.
  • Cultivate a curious and outgoing mindset in students through exposure to different cultures and ways of thinking within an inclusive campus setting.
  • Offer students opportunities to further their studies overseas, and gain access to international job opportunities, through key educational partnership with overseas universities.

Our Vision

To be a reputable group of colleges, producing quality graduates at a competitive level in line with the national educational philosophy. this is visible

Our Mission

To produce competent, knowledgeable and highly skilled graduates who have the entrepreneurship awareness and the will to strive for excellence.

Educational Goals

Provide quality academic programme that are industry relevant and tandem with the nation educational development.

To produce holistic and knowledgeable graduates equipped with ethics and professionalism that is vital for their competency.

To generate graduates with strong entreprenuerial mindset and innovative capabilities essential for nation enterprising development.

To strive for excellent human capital development and provide opportunities for continous lifelong learning.

To nurture good citizenship and quality leadership graduates with high communicative capability in respective fraternity.

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