Taking Health Seriously

It’s World Health Day and what better timing to discuss this topic, right? Each year, on the 7thof April, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and many international organisations and agencies advocate the cause and spread of awareness in health. This year’s cause is Health for All – making healthcare accessible to all citizens of this world regardless of their socioeconomic status because health is every human’s right. Healthcare is a matter of concern on many levels – individual, community, professional healthcare workers, and government agencies. 


While each of us plays a role in sustaining a healthy life for ourselves, our loved ones and our society; government agencies and healthcare workers contribute to this cause by spreading awareness and educating the public on various health and medical matters apart from public health policies. 


Care for your individual health first

WHO has provided a simple ABCDE solution to sustaining a healthy life, because let's face the truth, it all begins with you.